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11-10-2005, 12:50 PM
I own a limited company ATQ Computers Ltd

I have found a new business idea that I know I can make into a large success

here is a description

No experience required, Iím happy to show you how everything works. The best day I had bearing in mind that I didnít really spend much time promoting, a local add in the Rag was all I did and the work came flooding in. The business is based on a very high powered jet wash which is driven by a 13 hp Honda engine, I did offer to clean drives & decking, my best day was £1000 in cash in one day. The average drive takes only 20-30 minutes to do and you can charge about £80, large drives I charged up to £250 no more than a £10 in petrol and 2 Ĺ hours work .I have also done anti fouling stripping which is more the winter work and the going rate is about £250- £400 depending on the size of the boat you would probably use £40s worth of soft beads which are sand blasted with water on to fibre Glass , wood and metal boats without the worry of damage, this is a easy days work and should not take any longer than about 5 hours. You can sand blast and clean anything.

Graffiti removal is a huge market and schools and colleges not to mention the councils are screaming out for companies to offer this service.

Basically you can clean anything with the set up in this vehicle, it has everything as listed and apart from the Van are only 8 months old and the whole set up cost in excess of £12500.00p receipts available.

All the stationery business card 5000 flyers and the 08000 number can be transferred to the new owner and directed to a mobile.

The Transit is a T280 SWB TD executive 72 K . Born on the 23/08.2002 so just over 3 years old, good around condition with Full Ford service History long Mot. Panelled and carpeted rear, fully loaded heated front and rear screens, Electric windows, Central Dead locking, Alarm, CD player, and Vinyl sigh writing, metallic Paint work. Lifting tail gate with tinted rear screen. Drives superb. Vehicle is fitted with a removable water tank for supply of the Power Washer. See Pictures.

Equipment included in the sale.

All stationery and flyers
Transit Van as above. (Racked out to suit and plyed sides and floor)
Petrol Power washer (8 months old)
Loading Ramps x 2
Petrol Generator 240/110v (8 months old)
1 water jet Power lance
1 Sand blaster Power lance
2x 30mtr reeled hoses in yellow.
4x men at work beacons
Hivis clothing
Water Tank
Metal Gerry Can.
30 mitre of high pressure hose.
Gloves and safely specs.

I need around £10,000 to get this venture up and running.

I am willing to give the investor up to 25% of my company, so they will not only gain profit from the above venture but from any work that is carried out on the computer side of the company, Which we are currently in the process of setting up a big consultant contract with a casino company!! who are building a site and are offering us 20% of the revenue for our services

Please let me know if you are interested thanks

12-17-2019, 05:22 PM
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12-31-2019, 02:59 AM
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04-16-2020, 03:42 PM
Great description. But what is the problem connected to cleaning? Can your company provide cleaning services does? It'll be great, if so. But I didn't find still anything similar. And, surely, not better.

06-06-2020, 03:10 AM
Financial specialist Please, Patio, Driveway cleaning and fixing. I own a constrained organization ATQ Computers Ltd I have discovered another business thought that I realize I can make..