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12-01-2014, 09:46 PM
This is a two part question. I have tried to do some research on my own but i end up just getting overwhelmed with the amount of options out there and hope to stumble onto some experience here. First, the product i am trying to sell is an online based backup system that automatically backs up a customers computer whenever they would like. I am also selling a subscription to yearly computer service plans that not only include support but a few clean outs a year. My current software line-up is freshbooks for book keeping, teamviewer corporate for remote support and i have a custom app made with unlimited backup for my clients. I know we are at a point were these products are saturated but i have a plan and a team to sell it but i just need to get past these two issues.

Question 1. Is there some sort of online program that will allow me to not only keep track of my of my customers start dates, end dates, recurring payments but will also alert me to let me know that one of my customers clean outs is due. Soft of a freshbooks/outlook mix but simpler. My issue is i loose track of all this info and im afraid of expanding without some sort of organization.

Question 2. All of the programs that i use (freshbooks,teamviewer,my online portal and the backup app) all have API's that can be customized. Is it possible to have someone program me one simple app that i can install on a client's computer and i can select that options they pay for? For instance if a backup customer also purchases the yearly service plan the software will already be there from the app all i would need to do is change something on my end. If this fairy-tale of simplicity is possible how do i go about finding someone reliable who could possible put this together?

Sorry for the long winded post any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.