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01-10-2006, 12:36 AM

I was hoping someone could help me out with some basic info. I have some goods coming by ship (about 200kg in about 10 boxes). Usually, I do the customs forms etc myself, take the paid tax/clearance forms etc out to the ship and pay them some more money [for handling etc], then I collect my goods and go!

But the problem is, now I have no car. So my quetsion is: is there a company that does this sort of thing? Ie, take my documents out to the ship and bring my goods to my house? I thought maybe some courier companies would do this, but when using forms on their website to estimate costs, it comes up as $1000 or something like that (way too much!). The ship is quite close to my house... any ideas?

01-11-2006, 08:48 PM
Hi, Michelle, in China, I use costom agent to do this kin of thing. it only takes USD 40 to make custom clearnce and about USD 30 for light goods to transporting to near adress. I think you can find similar agents or companis to do this in Australia.

02-19-2006, 05:24 AM
Maybe you can give a call to the police. And ask them the same question.

I think they can give you a perfect reply. *_*

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