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01-18-2006, 04:32 PM

A question for you.

I am thinking of making an offer for an established "business" if you can call it that.

It is just a website selling various e-books (electronic books)

He claims to have attained a sustainable profit of about 100.00 a week.

Now of course this in iteself is very small beer indeed.

But I have been looking for an entrance into this particualr area for some time, it will tie in very nicely with the website I have in mind that is going to concentrate on Electronic Publishing, every printer I have spoken to walks in dread of the e-book.

No distribution costs...extremely low replication costs etc

So I want to make this person a very serious offer.

The problem is...I don't know what to offer him.

Is there a business formula when it comes to purchasing a business?

Such as the offer is based upon a percentage of the profits of the business after overheads have been deducted?

I just wondered if there was some way...based upon established business practice, that I could arrive at a reasonable offer?

Thank you


02-13-2006, 04:25 AM
Some people suggest 1.5 x annual profit is a marker, but in reality it is much more complex than that.

You need to consider a whole range of issues here: What are the attributes of ths site? How much traffic? Where does it come from? Can it be sustained or increased? What makes you think you will generate more income? Where is that market going - and again, what makes you think you will be one of thee winners?

I guess the bottom line is what you think the site is worth to you, based upon your best estimates of future turnover (not starry eyed optimistic stuff). This at least will give you a maximum figure. From there you will have to work out an opening offer: what might he accept, or what will annoy him as too low.

There's no specific science to this: at the end of the day it will come down to whether you can find common ground and meet each others minimum expectations.

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