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06-10-2015, 04:50 AM
Hi everybody in this great community.

I am doing a research how small business owners and merchants in USA use mobile marketing to acquire local customers.

Please, help me and fill this survey form http://goo.gl/forms/erhjbPo3b3

Thank you very much!

12-19-2015, 09:10 AM
Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Do you have to get a mobile site? Yes, because your customers are using mobile and your site probably doesn’t look very good on their smartphones.

While lots of content for a standard web page is good, mobile devices, especially smartphones, have smaller screens where standard web content often looks crammed. This trend may be reversing as Google has teamed up with Nexus to offer the Google Nexus 5, with a larger, five-inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy further blurs the line between tablets and smartphones.

Some services are offering mobile customization. If you decide to use one, be sure they let you revise your content. Make sure your contact information is easy to see and that your site is touch-friendly so that customers can quickly and easily call. They are, after all, working with a phone.

Zemanta, a company specializing in mobile marketing, says short and simple works best for mobile content. It recommends reducing the number and size of images, using more paragraph breaks, and avoiding Flash or video that takes too long to download.

12-25-2015, 11:35 PM
I also want to about mobile marketing in social sites. Thanks Brittany for detail information....

Malik Suleman
12-28-2015, 12:49 PM
I also want to about mobile marketing in social sites. Thanks Brittany for detail information....

whats theri basic function?

07-13-2016, 05:29 AM
I have seen that form. It's like survey, which collects your email id.

07-15-2016, 01:18 AM
Most of the people use smart phones nowadays. So it is necessary to do mobile marketing by making your website mobile friendly.

11-11-2019, 01:20 AM
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12-09-2019, 08:03 AM
digital marketing tech provider Monetate released SoLoMo facts and figures that business owners, marketers, advertisers, and retailers ought to know. These include:

Social drives traffic: 55 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to visit social networks at least once per day. In fact, smartphone users spend an average of 441.3 minutes per month on Facebook alone (followed by Instagram at 257 minutes).
Local drives action: 96 percent use their phones to research on a specific product or service; 94 percent, meanwhile, use their devices to search for local information and discover what’s nearby. Furthermore, 35 percent intentionally bring their phones with them while shopping in order to check prices and monitor reviews of products and services.
Mobile drives opportunity: Currently, only 48 percent of retailers have mobile-optimized websites; the most common mobile site features they have implemented are: product information (54 percent), location information (42 percent), and customer reviews and pricing (34 percent).