View Full Version : Hi from Illinois!

02-17-2006, 11:58 AM
Hi everybody,
My name is Ginger.
My Husband, our Daughter and I moved here from Largo, FL in June of 1999.
We are hoping to move back South soon.
My Husband's father (in Alabama) needs to have a valve in his heart replaced, and has been putting it off for a year now.
He takes care of his Mother who is in an assisted care facility (but really needs full time care), and his wife who has to be on oxygen 24/7.
We really need to be closer, so we can help out.
So I'm hoping to build my home-based business fast.
I went to school for Accounting and got hired right out of school, but lost my job a year later (office politics).
I sent out tons of resumes and had a lot of interviews, but no one seemed to want to hire me.
So, I found a work from home business.
I love being my own boss, and I hope I am successful in it.
Wish me luck!
:) Ginger