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07-25-2015, 05:42 AM
So, im planning to sell shirt w. collar, slacks and formal shirt.

by selling only these 3 products, my target market is only Male college/university Students.
also, the place should be far from town. Therefore, i use postage as the delivery channel to customers.

the way i promoting the products by entering each of the uni. student group in facebook. As far as i concerned, each uni have their own group on fb to relay info n so on. So, i just needt o get into the group n start promoting.

Next, the most interesting part of my plan is i use affiliate marketing.. its where i reward any customer that able to refer/promote my item to their friends.
Since student love spending money n in need of money, i think this plan should be able to attract the students (i hope).

*but ofcoz, before i start to apply this plan, i would gather any information relating to such as if my price is affordable for them or anythings related. (online survey)

any suggestion and comment?(especially on my target market. male student?)

01-27-2017, 02:35 AM
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02-04-2021, 01:28 PM
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