View Full Version : Giveaway - 10 FREE Logos for Members

07-27-2015, 05:05 PM
Hey everybody,

This community has helped me immensely. Without you guys, I would not have the first clue in knowing what an LLC is, sole proprietorships, search engine optimization tips, brand reputations management, etc. I recently made an account to post this giveaway and start giving back to the community.

To show my thanks, I am offering free logos for 10 members! :o I know that a lot of people here run websites or want a logo for their business. So I am here to help you all out.

All you have to do is email me at joes.pooch@gmail.com and tell me three things:
-What colors you want in your logo. If not, no big deal, I will choose for you.
-What text you want in there (ie: "cool computers").
-Optional: Logos you want yours to look like.

Here is an example of a logo I did for one of my clients just recently:

I charged a lot for that logo. But I can do yours for free. So let me know and hurry up before the 10 spots are gone! I will basically be working on this for all of today and maybe some of tomorrow. So let me know if you want to claim your logo soon.

08-08-2015, 11:24 PM
Did many people take you up on your offer?

I wonder because I know someone that was doing a logo sell, but instead of offering Free, she offered at a certain price that would continue to decrease every time someone else agreed to buy. So like starting at $99 for one person. Then $89 each of three people signed up. etc. All the way down to I think $59 each if it made it over a certain amount.

I say this because often times people don't associate any value with someone that is free. I mean, I would, but most people don't.