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02-25-2006, 08:07 PM

I am a college student who has recently moved to study in the US. Inspired by my new invironment and my love for business I have decided to try a business adventure even though I am only in my freshman year. I have designed 12 T-shirts which I believe will be appealing to fellow students throughout the US and the feedback I have recieved so far has been nothing but positive.

I turned to a T-shirt printing company to produce the shirts through a contact from a friend. We agreed a price and also agreed that twelve different shirts would be a possible transaction. It was decided we should go to the store and show this gentleman the designs.

Next day when my friend and I went to the store the account manager( the gentleman who we had been talkin to) wasn't there so the general manager dealt with us instead. He was very surprised that we only wanted 12 shirts because they usually deal in mass production. Even though I stated I didn't plan on this being a one time transaction, he didn't seem too interested. He was very nice and very polite but I couldn't help but feel as though he was patronising me at times. He told me to call the account manager on Monday and find out if maybe he could help me.

There are two things that are really bothering me though:

When I was leaving he asked if he could view the designs I've made because I had him "curious". At this point the design artist came over and viewed them also. As the GM was explaing the situation that was happening, when he got to the point where I was to phone the accounts manager because he was "going to sort me out", he winked. Even though it was the opposite to where I was standing it was still very blatant.
Also as the GM commented on the designs on how some were good(which I took with a pinch of salt) he also repeatedly stated: "Wow your actually serious about this.

So I seek advice on this:

Why did he wink? (even though I think I already know)

And why did he want to view the designs even though I was leaving and he had already stated it was practically impossible to do?

All aditional advice and analysis on what happened would be very appreciated and advice on what I should do now would also be extremely welcome and beneficial.