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03-12-2006, 03:24 PM
I wouldlike to introduce myself. I am a 26 and am a colleg grad with a BSBA in MIS. I recently strted my own Business, about 60miles West of Philly. I have extensive experience in computers and electronics. I am planning on starting an online store that has extremely low prices with low overhead. I have been planning my marketing stradegy for almost 2 years now and am very confident in the future success of my business.

I came to this board because I am feeling a little overwhelmed with everythign that needs worked on and the time it is taking. I feel that I have enough ideas to keep 10 others working with me, full time. Is this normal? How does one figure out which is of the highest priority?

Anyway I am always looking for resourceful, intelligent, honest and dedicated people to work with me. Either as an employee or possibly as a pertner, depending on what you have to offer.

What I feel give me anadvantage over other new business startups, is my extensive background in my field and experience in MANY other fields of business. I have worked in large national retailers and smaller, high-end specialty retailers. Also , I have worked in manufacturing, R&D, Marketing, finance, accounting, Lots of sales, Market analysis, Shipping and distribution and the warehouse. I have also worked in other fields and industries from being a teamster (dock worker for roadway over the summer in college) to managing restaurant's.

I believe that my revolutionary appraoch to doing business will make my business very profitable with minimal advertising and other non-slaes/service related expenses.

I am looking for someone who is experienced in web design and management. This is one field of computers in which I am not very proficient. If you or anyone you know is looking for a job/career with enormous oppertunities for growth, please contact me by PM here and we can talk.