View Full Version : Hello to all from Roosevelt, UT

03-16-2006, 10:47 AM

I am Seth from a small company in Roosevelt Utah. We're not a start up, but have been a small business for the last ten years.

The company I work for/own (Stepfather and mother own, I have taken control of the operations and logistics part) is called Cedar Bear Naturales® and we've been working on liquid herbal products for over ten years. However a few years ago (about the time I came onboard) we decided it was time to go beyond just being another small business and start getting out there.

Ever since then we've been having one fun rollercoaster of a time in our particular industry, and of course have been hit with many of the small business speed bumps on the road to sucess everything from false investment prospects to confidence men in marketing taking us for one heck of a spin.

However now that our business plan has been fully outlined, and we've now implemented month one (we're in active month 3 by the way) of the five year plan things are going much more smoothly and already we seem to be in an upward trend again.

I look forward to posting in this forum and to meeting with anyone interested in sharing information or possible future ventures.

Good luck to everyone, and TTFN