View Full Version : Greetings from "The Environmental City"

03-18-2006, 04:40 PM
Hello, all

My name is Don and I’m a “Southern Gentleman”. Together my wife and I home-school our two VERY active boys, while keeping a number of businesses afloat. My wife seems to have it down pat. She’s run a medical practice for nearly two decades with employees and “free agents”. About ten years ago, she added a second business, and is currently researching a third. I’m the “slow” one, and I can’t seem to learn from her (we have completely different “styles”), although she is very encouraging.

After spending 20 years at the same firm, I was “downsized” just before the company folded. At age 40, I realized it was better to be self-employed than unemployed, and when I started really looking around, I was overwhelmed at the opportunities.

I guess I’m a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades (you know what they say about mastery?)

I stay with a thing as long as it holds my interest. Fortunately (if only recently) I’ve learned to train my replacement before moving on. This lends itself to the popular “Multiple Streams of Income” philosophy, and I’m really just now starting to move forward.

I’ve done Internet marketing, web design, video production, financial counseling, publishing (and copywriting), retail sales (and flea market wholesaling), insurance underwriting, Real Estate sales, and dear Lord, this is depressing!

For now I have three stable businesses functioning, and am constantly searching for others. I’ve been looking at different Real Estate type businesses, and there are two niches that really appeal to me. We’ll see what happens this year.

I love to talk about business, and have served as an advisor for small businesses doing everything from custom motorcycles and religious paraphernalia to light bulbs and “nutriceuticals”. People tell me I should go into consulting, but I‘d have a hard time charging money for something I love so much.

I think what it alls comes down to is that I’m really good at seeing connections between very disparate activities. I like hooking people up, and my top personal skill is probably best filed under “Negotiation”.

I’m looking forward to meeting each of you, and finding out what we can learn from each other.

Best of wishes to you all!