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03-20-2006, 11:30 PM
I searched and searched online, couldnt find one article on this subject. I recently started a P/T home based business, which is originated from my present job. I'm still in the beginning stages of getting it completely set up and so forth, but had a verbal discussion with my boss about the concept before doing this. I didn't want him to think i want to leave my job or get in his way. I like my boss, and look to him as my mentor. He trained me and taught me all I know today about the business i'm in, which took me to the next level.
The business I started is actually going to send clients his way, so I thought it would be a win win situation. We verbally agreed to his compensating me with a monthly bonus on business that comes from my resources and website.
Well, I set out to do some manual advertising because having someone do it can be very costly. Just starting out, i couldnt yet do it that way. I researched at home after work for weeks gathering information, found and targeting people in the industry i'm in that might have an interest in my business services. I was mainly looking for them to exchange links with me, in order to generate traffic to my site. Then the unexpected came. One particular prospect was interested in utilizing the services i offer. I was extatic, knowing that this source would generate a targeted steady stream of leads for me, which I would send my bosses way and be compensated for. Well, being new to owning a business, i wanted to respond to this propect properly. I went to my boss for advice, and he promptly had his secretary send out his company info to the prospect, and now the prospect is interested in adding my bosses business to their site and basically cut me out as middle man. I couldnt believe it. My heart sunk. I felt betrayed and trust was lost. I dont know how to handle it, and need to keep my job, so leaving is not an option. I feel i should say something, but don't know how to approach the situation because after all, i have to work with him daily. He stole my first prospect which would have led to much more business for me. I think i'm still in shock. I have certainly learned to keep my future prospects to myself and how I handle my business will have to be done by trial and error, without advice from my boss. I am hurt and amazed he pretty much is monopolozing my business and targets. I can't help but wonder if he has done somethign illegal here, but I guess without a contract between us i'm sunk. He was getting nervous a couple days before all this and said he thought I was becoming his competition. I said, how is that when you will be recieving clients from me. You are paid by those clients and I only want a very small percentage. he would actually be walking away with almost all his profit...any advice is welcome! :cry:

03-21-2006, 02:13 AM
I would be surprised if you had a leg to stand on, legally... and suspect this was a problem just waiting to happen.

Unless you have a legal contract, risks like this are always present. Frankly though, if I were in your position, I would treat his and my business as totally seperate. I would keep it well away from the day job, and have no contact between the two at all. None whatsoever.

Indeed, in this scenario, it would be your business in every sense. You might then also re-consider the wisdom of taking your boss into your confidence with any information at all.

Sadly, in business, some people exploit situations. If you want to succeed you surely must ensure that this isn't possible.

03-22-2006, 04:48 PM
Thank You for your reply. I actually came to the same conclusion and never mention a word to my boss about my bisiness, because frankly, it's none of his business! I'm goint to live and learn from my mistakes.

I appreciate your feed back

05-05-2006, 09:42 AM
Yes, just learn and move on! The same thing with prospect clients, they might want to check what you have and bypass you once they have the information (i.e. thank you for bringing that to our attention and we'll take care of that for you).

Check with your local commerce or SBA units. They might be able to help you without worrying about competition.