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04-17-2006, 11:53 PM
I am a highschool student. i am technically a cisco professional at the age of 16 8), since my school offers the cisco course. Ok, so I plan to do aeronautical engineering. I am in grade 11 right now. I was just wondering of what I am gonna do in the future, in terms of money, so please tell me about my plan, if it will work, any problems with it.

I plan to do engineering science from University of Toronto. this program is the top program of any kind offered in Canada. then i plan to get my degree for aeronautical engineering. after, getting my degree, i will get a job in my field of aeronautical engineering. while i have the job, i will save money and attend a business course in Oxford University. Then, i will have a business degree. I will then start a small-scale research business, and will start to invest on a small-scale in western markets, and on a large scale in the Indian and Pakistani stock markets (primarily the bombay stock exchange and the karachi stock exchange); this however depends on if the pakistani and indian markets continue to boom at the current rate. I will then expand my research business and incorporate an electronics production unit to it. Basically this unit would be producing cheap electronics, including, computers, PDAs, cell phones, that are affordable to most south asian people. I will sell these electronics primarily in india, pakistan, srilanka, bangladesh, and iran. depending on my financial position, i will eventually start to invest in the western stock markets. Also, when my business is well off, I will buy lands in pakistan and india, and construct malls, and thus tapping the demanding customers.

That above is basic plan. Please comment and tell me about will it work, what problems will I have, and why might it not work. Also, tell me approximately how successful I will be in terms of money.