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04-18-2006, 05:58 AM
I run a internet busines and pay sales tax for purchase made from Ohio.
A company purchased from me in Fl. and said they needed to pay me the tax on the purchase. What do I need to do with this tax? How do I file this?


05-14-2006, 03:09 PM
Hi networkmom,

The State of Florida has a use tax of 6% on private internet purchases. It is not up to you to collect this tax if you do not wish to. It is however, necessary for your customer to ensure that 6% total sales tax (I'll explain in a minute why I said "total") has been paid on the purchase.

If you sold to an individual, then the use tax applies. If the amount of sales tax is calculated out to be less than $1 due, the sales tax does not need to be submitted.

If it was to another vendor that you sold to in Florida, they need to register their business with the Florida Department of Revenue and will have to submit quarterly.

Okay, now on to why I said "total".

If you collected 4% sales tax for your state, but sold to an individual in Florida, they are still responsible for submitting the remaining 2% in Florida Sales Tax.

Sound confusing :?: It is, no one knows all of the tax rules and regulations for all 7500 entities at the state and local levels whom are collecting sales tax. That is why a good chat with a local CPA who is familiar with your business is extremely important in ensuring that the IRS doesn't come knocking...remember...tax avoidance is a moral obligation...tax evasion is against the law :D That basically means educate yourself enough to know when you absolutely have to pay, and educate yourself enough to know when you definitely don't have to pay.

Visit the Florida Department of Revenue website for more information, they have a direct link to information on internet purchases on their home page.

Hope that helps.

05-16-2006, 05:41 AM
Thank you, I will look into this.


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The main benefit of filing before April is getting your tax allowance back sooner. But filing really close to the time limit could also cost you money. "If you're working with a CPA and you depot your tax stuff on them two weeks before April 15th," Vient says, "most people will charge you a premium."