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10-09-2015, 10:58 PM
In the next 2-3 years I will have an opportunity to buy into a contracting company with annual revenue of $18M. I know how to make money in this business, but I'm not familiar with this type of transfer. Currently the company has 1 sole owner and has been in business for 25 years. What type of agreement should I expect that the current owner will want? I'm assuming that because of tax reasons, he's not looking for a lump sum buyout? Also, how can I raise the money that will be required up front for due diligence (and I assume I'll need a broker as well to facilitate an agreement)?

Any advice is appreciated.

01-14-2020, 09:59 AM
I also want to join the business i upcoming days.

11-27-2020, 03:06 PM
It is how you make the negotiation. If you will agree not to have it as a lump sum, then, that would be better for you. - Phillip Elden (https://www.phillipeldenprofile.com/)

11-28-2020, 01:20 AM
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