View Full Version : should i franchise the option or look for one couple?

05-04-2006, 04:42 AM
I have spent the last 6 months researching and improving an idea that was started in spain and worked so succesfully that i want to bring the concept to the uk

for confidentiallity reason i can only say that it involves the property market and is a duplicatable business from city to city.

to date every estate agent i have shown the product to love it and want to know how soon it can be launched yet when i found an investor (private company) and told them i need nearly 50 k for the launch they looked at the product and wanted to put 200k in as they thought it had more potential than i realised, but they also wanted 80% equity...and so i backed off

the last month has been spent down the VC route which seems to take forever and (if honest) appears to be a lot of suits with no substance or real knowledge

what i am considering is...if each business in each city has the potential for first year positive cash flow with annualised profit thereafter of 600K and its duplicateable into 70 other cities (42 million biz) how should i source the initial 50k funding

would it be a good product to start off via the franchise route or even find one couple who want to consider franchising with whom i could work and expand from there

ok...i am slightly rambling but i hope i get some feedback and/or discussion

05-18-2006, 01:04 AM
why not start off with one city? then expand!

10-30-2019, 06:13 AM
I think that you have to know if the concept is profitable in the UK as in Spain. Then you have to decide if you start a franchisee or n small business. If is very profitable I would start a franchisee. If have more risk, I would start a small business.