View Full Version : Look! Up in the sky! Its Bizguy to the Rescue...

05-13-2006, 03:33 PM
Hi there,

What a great place for anyone in business or thinking of going into business. Looking around I see great information that is useful to both the small and large business, and I see many of the same issues that face both.

I'm a straight up no holds barred school of hard knocks business consultant who specializes in helping a failing business get back on its feet and get a "black" eye. :D Instead of always seeing red. :evil:

From working as a blue collar worker for most of my youth I decided I wanted to change things. I started by buying a retail franchise, then went into opening a manufacturing business selling to Tandy Corp (Radio Shack). These were great learning experiences and the second endeavor helped pay for the lessons I had learned in the first, but I again wanted a change so I wound down the manufacturing business and went into the technical sales field. With awesome successes there I was asked to be a business development manager for a 110 year old company with 13, 000 employees, I moved up through the ranks and took over the telecommunications division of the company and turned it from a $120K a month losing entity into a profitable one in less than a year.

After a few years I was asked by a company to come on board as their VP. Again, a company that had lost roughly $2.5M per year was turned around in just 7 months. Sales figures exceeded more than anything that they had ever experienced in the history of the company.

Next, VP for a cosmetics company that was in trouble, to the point that their production was at a standstill. They were back in business within two weeks and exceeding the previous six month production levels.

I traded in the silicon valley lifestyle for a Pacific Northwest hobby farm lifestyle, but thanks to the internet can still keep my feet wet.

Hope I am of some service to these forums and the people here. Don't be afraid to ask any question. :?: