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11-04-2015, 05:46 PM
Hello Everyone,

Just to give you an idea I am a software developer and I have been working on different QMS systems for many years. I am planning to start a software consulting firm in India and train people in India on QMS systems and help or assist companies in implementing and developing their QMS system. The resources are very limited for the QMS system specially when it comes to integrating with different system. If you anyone is in consulting business and can suggest me the challenges I don't see that would be really helpful.
In terms of marketing I think to start with I have worked with a number of companies in implementing the QMS system. Many of the project managers I have very good relationship as I assist them on timesly basis when required. I know many of them have work to do but the do but as I said the resources are very limited and my schedule is very tight to allocate a month time for them so I just advice them what they could do but I think if I start an organization and train people then I can convert that time spend on advicing the PM's into money.
I know marketing will be a challenge but I can always do a percent share with marketing people and get some business to grow.
There are a lot of people I heard who say entrepreneurs are born not made. Many disagree with this point, saying that entrepreneurs are successful because of talent, being a software developer I always feel that skills can be learned and nurtured. I guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle of both the views. Anyone can become an entrepreneur who has strong desire to create things, which makes life easy. An entrepreneur should have combination of characteristics such as vision, timing, talent, character and some where at the bottom of the line, even luck counts.
What do you say ?

12-21-2015, 05:01 AM
Setting up any consulting firm may seem easy because you have to bring together the skilled manpower with years of experience. But this is not true. The process involves a lot of research and calculations with respect to the planning and implementation of the strategies, approaching the right clients and delivering the best service. It takes time and a lot of dedication. Piterion (http://www.piterion.com) has come up the long way and they are one among the top consulting companies in the world.

Malik Suleman
12-28-2015, 12:10 PM
its good idea and i have a platform where you can find buyers