View Full Version : Public Liability Isurance (PLI)

09-28-2004, 05:31 AM

Hope I am in the right section to post this.

I have started a small woodcraft business, or more specific a pyroghraphy sole trader business.

I am currently checking out venus in order to sell my wares, and this involves in most cases the need to aquire PLI. For my particular business its hard enough finding an insurer, but one question I have, if anyone has any information, is:

I have been unsuccessful as yet in getting the insurance cover I need. Every quote I have so far seen involves insuring stock and equipment on my premises with PLI being tagged onto this, or a polite sorry can't help you response.

What I realy need is just the public liability for when I am attending craft or trade venues. Has anyone any information as to a suitable contact for this or any experience with PLI.