View Full Version : Someone PLEASE help me!!! : Home-based e-commerce business

06-02-2006, 09:38 AM
Hi, I am new to this forum and I must say I am having a great deal of difficulty with my home-based e-business. Seeing as how...well...it doesnt actually exist. Okay, well it does...let me explain.

I just turned 18 years old and for months I've been working on building this ebussiness. I've decided what to sell, and how to sell it ( I think I'm going to go with the internet mall idea...maybe). I even filed with the state and have a DBA and a tax ID number. Now my problem is actually starting the business. Someone suggested that I use Yahoo internet mall because they give you web-templates and have built-in traffic. They charge about 90 dollars to set up and then 30 dollars a month. I'm not sure I have SUCH a problem with this, because you have to pay to get hosted if you want a good site.

My problem is actually getting the product. I would very much like to do drop shipping as I dont want to end up with thousands of unsellable products in my garage. The only problem is, most companies have a HUGE problem whole-selling to small home based e-commerce. And the ones that do not, either do not offer drop shipping or have a minimum order requirement or something like that. I've been researching for nearly a year and I am fairly experianced with the internet and know a smidge of HTML and coding (enough to build blog sites, etc.). I have read every book on business I can get my hand on, and I truely believe that I have discovered a relatively unpenetrated market with the products I intend to sell.

What's more, I do not plan on this being an e-commerce business forver. I know it sounds insane, but I want my company to be listed on the NYSE by the time I'm 28. That means I have 10 years. I know I'm young but I have tons of ambition and not being able to get this business off the ground is killing me.

Does anyone know of a LEGIT way to start this home-based e-commerce business, possibly using an internet mall as my host, using drop-shipping or wholesaling, etc?