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12-06-2015, 11:56 AM
Hi all,
I was planning to start a small designer cake shop in Florida and everything has been set up and ready to open. One of my friend who runs a similar business suggested to get a merchant account as that will benefit my business. He has taken one with the help of a merchant account provider called MerchAct, but I was wondering is that necessary for a small business like mine. Does anyone have an input?

12-22-2015, 12:39 AM
i think pay pal is best option nothing special you need for that

01-14-2016, 08:41 PM
Yes, if you wish to accept credit and debit cards. I work with a company that will give you a free credit/debit card machine that use the chip which is now required to help keep down theft. You can give me a call 904-484-4213, and I will get you the information to make an inform decision, if this is right for you.

02-04-2016, 03:13 AM
Selecting a payment gateway is always a tough part especially with so many options nowadays and so many security features to be taken care of. Payment solution and A/R setup has become very much important in today's business environment. I had to go through all the options and even wasn't sure about the selected option, but fortunately I had help to figure out which suits me best. Prashanth has given a pretty good idea about how to figure it out, but I will definitely suggest you to check with a person who has an experience of a similar business and check with them the payment solutions they are using, and if you are lucky you might get more than what you expects. Or, the best way is get an assistance of a service provider like Versapay (Toronto).

Arturo Quintero
05-07-2016, 04:31 AM
Hi Peter, the payment options do vary from business to business and also seeing customers comfort as far as security is concerned. I totally agree with what Benji has suggested you. These days a lot of options are available but the best and evergreen is paypal.

12-08-2016, 11:32 PM
Can anyone beat 1.29% on Qual/Non-Qual transactions on VI/MC/DISC, 2.89% on Amex, and 0.29% + $.15/item on PIN debit. $5 monthly statement fee? Good rates, but getting hit with these "minimum monthly fees" from Visa/MC for about $20/month.

03-15-2017, 12:21 AM
Yes. I agree with tahir.

merchant services
11-20-2017, 06:46 AM
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merchant services
11-20-2017, 06:48 AM

we are providing merchant account services. if you steel need for small business contact us on this +1 888 622 - 6875

11-22-2017, 07:48 PM
Hi, we are providing merchant account services.

07-12-2018, 06:33 PM
Paypal, because they take care of the security of the customer's data, the gateway, and card info. You focus on decorating cakes.

11-15-2018, 01:11 AM
Hi sir,
I have an little bit experience about small business to using credit processing machines and save money via this process. That is beneficial for small businesses as well as for new businesses.

11-15-2018, 04:20 AM
You can try PaySpacelv. They are good for small business

11-18-2018, 03:08 PM
I would suggest Square Up, great for small to large businesses. The can provide hardware at a small fee

07-06-2019, 12:05 AM
10 Best Merchant Services Providers for Small Business 2019. Dealer administrations enable organizations to acknowledge credit and check card exchanges face to face or on the web. Numerous vendor specialist co-ops additionally offer installment preparing devices, for example, installment passages, purpose of-offer (POS) frameworks, and card-perusing equipment.

08-07-2019, 03:26 AM
Electronic check (https://www.paycron.com/echeck-payment-processing/) is the modern payment method. Avail an e-check payment option for your eCommerce business and make payment transactions easier for your customers. It works via the ACH network very safely.

09-20-2019, 03:03 AM
Nowadays, people prefer being cashless and making payments online. If you are running a high-risk business like a Casino, Bar, CBD or any other similar business, then you should use eCheck payment processing (https://www.paycron.com/echeck-payment-processing/) method. It is a type of electronic funds transfer process and is a great way of accepting payments for high-risk businesses.

09-26-2019, 03:59 AM
Customer technical support business is of high-risk nature, so has more chances of chargebacks and payment frauds. Paycron has experience of tackling such frauds and provide solutions for all types of electronic payment processing. We suggest all high-risk business owners to use eCheck payment processing (https://www.paycron.com/echeck-payment-processing/) for their tech support business. Connect us for more information.

01-08-2020, 04:42 AM
Try PayKun Payment Gateway.
PayKun is a payment gateway service provider that enables a safe and secure transaction between buyer and seller. There are numerous happy merchants registered and live today who have developed their business with the help of PayKun. Any large, small, individual, trust, NGO, ecommerce, etc can easily register on PayKun and use the payment gateway for receiving online payments.

06-12-2020, 11:56 PM
Square is the least difficult trader account supplier with which to begin, and one of the most reasonable for independent ventures with normal.

08-11-2020, 01:51 AM
Probably PayPal is the best option for your situation!

01-22-2021, 11:37 PM
A vendor account is a sort of ledger that permits organizations to acknowledge installments by charge or Mastercards. So a vendor account is an arrangement.

01-25-2021, 05:26 AM
My earnings now depend on the cryptocurrency, I also own a small bitcoin business. This job gives me a steady salary every month. But for this job I need a secure account for me this is https://stellar-wallet.org/ . I wish you good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for.

01-27-2021, 01:06 AM
You can try PaySpacelv.

02-04-2021, 02:30 AM
PaySpacelv - thanks for sharing that.

02-05-2021, 07:50 PM
Yes it is good to have a merchant account.
check out www.transparencyx.com

This company is very much straight forward, just as the name of the company Transparent.
Real Time, Great Customer Service. This company will revolutionize the credit card processing industry.

04-21-2021, 03:26 PM
Yes, I agree with Tahir

05-04-2021, 05:32 AM
But you have to be very careful when creating a trading account!

07-03-2021, 03:58 AM
Square: Best all-purpose merchant service account for small businesses and individuals.
Payment Depot: Cheapest credit card processor.
Stax by Fattmerchant: Best for growing businesses with invoicing or recurring billing.

07-06-2021, 12:31 PM
i think pay pal is best option nothing special you need for that

07-15-2021, 02:45 AM
A shipper account—also known as trader administrations account—builds up a business relationship with a vendor administrations supplier, similar to a bank, and empowers a business to acknowledge charge and Visas, Apple Pay and other contactless installments, Web based business exchanges, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.