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06-13-2006, 03:47 PM
Hi there.
My name is Nigel and I'm from the UK, I hope all you football fans out there are enjoying the World Cup so far... good luck to whoever you support.

My main business is in the City of London in the Financial markets, which has been fun over the years, but, it is a very competitive and aggressive place, where this is no such thing a job security. That is why I have always had a fond interest in bona fide home based businesses which can be developed at your own pace in your own time.

I am soon to launch an educational tool to help children understand in a fun way the value of money and how it works, this is really exciting and hope to help our future generations become good money managers.

I also have an interest in an online gaming site which with the world cup is going great at the moment as members get a cashback whether their bet wins or loses!!

I recently joined a business that is looking to help save people money on their car fuel costs and help the enviroment at the same time, this is great and really rewarding to as this will go some way to help reduce harmful emmissions.

I think its very important that anyone looking to start a home based business need to become involved in something that they enjoy or are passionate about as then you'll have fun doing it and won't mind putting in the extra time needed to get it off the ground.

I look forward to swapping some ideas etc with my new friends here.

all the best