View Full Version : Interested in your valuable opinions regarding Business Club

06-16-2006, 07:01 AM
It seems to be a rather strange question but I'd like some of your opinions and suggestions as to what you would expect of or wish to see in a Highschool Business club.

The story goes like this: I've started one last year (meaning we've been running for a year) but I'd like some advice as to how you think this club can help benefit the school's students while at the same time teaching them something productive since the "business-knowledge" level of Highschool students in general is very low.

I've decided on activities such as starting an actual portfolio where we can invest but have so far been restrained due to lack of sufficient funds. As such, I am in need of productive activities that do not involve as much of the "money" factor. One problem I am facing is a deficiency in member-count (and thus lack of helping hands to hold any decent fundraising events)..many kids find "business" to be extremely boring and it simply does not appeal to them. (High school)

As you are businessmen I am of high hopes that you may have some inkling with all you experience as to how I may go about creating a success story.

Your input is greatly appreciated