View Full Version : Incentive System for Distributors

12-21-2015, 07:57 AM
I'm working on creating a new startup company that will be manufacturing an invention of mine. I'm currently in the final stages of prototyping, so some may see this as putting the cart before the horse, however I'm the type who likes to build a road map long before I get to my destination.

I am close contacts with executives within a few large distributors of wares within my field, so I should have an easier time than most getting my product into large distribution channels.

That being said, I'm curious if anybody has any advice regarding what sort of sales incentive plan can be developed with a distributor. I would love to be able to write a contract in a manner that would make sure it was in the distributor's best interest to work to move as much of my product as possible rather than letting it get dusty in the shelf, selling only when a customer specifically requests it. I would like it to be more profitable to the distributor to be actively talking to their customers saying, "Hey we've got this new product that you're not familiar with, but I bet it will solve a problem you have that you don't even know there's a solution for."

Any ideas?