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    If you need companies to export from USA, My company can get you those people, feel free to send me a message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVD View Post
    I am looking to start an importing business in Australia.
    At the beginning I just want to be a bridge in between as an Agent. I can find you a reliable buyers here in Australia for your products.
    And then my plan is to become a distributor of the best product I find. Do not hesitate to contact me if you think your product can be a sold here in Australia which is making a great profit for you.


    Hi. we produce edible oil.
    For more info please contact us.

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    I'm Sapraj. I got your mail Id from smallbusiness forum.

    I deal with handmade appliqués which are basically used for home decor as wall hangings. I belong to Bhubaneswar Odisha, India.

    Appliqué comes from the French word appliquer, meaning "to put on". There are two variants to this technique: appliqué, where a fabric shape is sewn over a base layer, and reverse applique, wherein two layers of fabric are laid down, and a shape is subsequently cut out from the upper layer, exposing the lower layer, before both are stitched together. It is one of the product who have got Geographical Indication (GI) by govt of India.

    The base cloth includes water proof material for umbrellas, velvet for tents, cotton, and threads.

    The Craft involves embroidering and stitching. For attaching the pieces of cloth articians use straight stitch, satin stitch, blind stitch, or buttonhole stitch. Sometimes they also make mirror work and many decorative stitches

    Please do let me know if these products will have a demand in Australia.. I would be eager to export these from India at a very competitive price. Bulk orders can also be accepted.


    Contact no - +91-9338463536

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    Hello, I already sent you a PM.
    We are interested in exporting insect screens, contact me for further info.

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