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    i have the tools but no imagination, help me with CNC product selling ideas.
    I recently bought a cnc machine, a very good one, and i'm starting to get used to it and making different shapes and cool stuff out of it, I saw in a facebook group, some people that are making tons of money with their machines,so i said why not i make some profit too, i'm thinking about using ebay or etsy, but the thing is, what should i sell? i can make plenty of stuff with my cnc, but what do people buy the most? i don't wan't to lose resources or materials on objects that will stay in my garage while the dust eating them, i need ideas , please help.

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    Car parts car parts car parts.
    Some stuff, like the Unibraces for MK6s, require a good amount of R&D
    But there's so much extra stuff.. A brake booster brace for example. It's an extremely simple item that can really be any design as long as it serves it purpose, not sure exactly but uses maybe $11 of aluminum, BOOM, $144.99 plus shipping.

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