If you always got what you paid for, then “cheap premium” would be an oxymoron. But more and more, consumers are learning that inexpensive doesn’t have to equate to poor quality.

Exhibit A—for alcohol—is Wodka, a premium vodka from Poland that costs $10 or $12 a bottle. If you’re a regular buyer of the more standard “premium” vodkas like Grey Goose, you know that this Polish brand costs less than half the price of typical status boozes.

BusinessWeek is the latest to look into the premium, or “super-premium,” vodka market, which features Wodka, Sobieski, Svedka, and dozens of other vodkas selling for under $20 a bottle. James Dale, Wodka’s co-owner, explained to BW one of the recession-related reasons why his hooch is so hot:

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This is great article I have ever read about quality and lower priced items.