Hi, my name is Greg, and I have some potentially "newbie" type questions as a first time small business starter.

My first questions are:

How do I get an entirely separate credit score and credit history for my business that is separate from my own personal credit score/history?

How do I get my business to appear on a DUNS search at the dnb.com website?

I'm currently a Sole-Proprietor for an internet company. Should I become an LLC? Is there many advantages to becoming an LLC?

I'm actually a very adept coder/website developer, so I can avoid that startup cost, but I'm still lacking as much start-up capital as I would like. What are some good tips for avoiding necessary start-up costs?

What's the best way to find an angel investor or a VC? Should I avoid outside investors?

I'll start out with those questions for now and I'll list any others I have as things progress.

Some info about myself:

New business owner for Eleven Levels Online Marketing and Business Consultation. I'm 26 years old, and I graduated from Fairfield University with a double major, one major in "Finance", and the other major being "Information Systems and Operations Management". I have roughly 15 years of computer programming and repairing experience, 8 years of which was professional experience building websites, coding software, and repairing computers freelance for money. I have always tried being an amateur entrepreneur since I was in elementary school, but I am now trying to do it the right way for the first time in my life and I would appreciate as much help as possible from anybody in any form at all, since starting capital isn't as much as I would have hoped for. Thank you in advance. - Greg