My husband and I both work full time jobs. I run and IT Department and he works for the government and gets deployed often. About two years ago, we start seeking out Antiques and Vintage items that need love or a new home, rehabbing them, research their history (thats my favorite part) and then selling them online. We have store on Etsy. Basically the money that we make from this is mad money or an emergency fund, my daughter needed vision Therapy and we got his with a $8,000 bill that was not covered by insurance. In the past if an item does not get attention, we sent it to auction to recoup some of our investment. Since the auctioneer takes 30% of the final sale price that takes a big chunk. So we are creating our own eAuction web site to sell our overstock or take on consignments. I figure at this point we need to determine if this is a business or hobby. I am trying to figure out, if we need to register with the state and federal government as business or if we just continue paying taxes as addition income on our taxes. Can anyone help me figure out if we are a hobby or business. Here is where we sit:

We make less than $10,000 a year after expenses.
We average 15 to 20 hours per week working on the store
I keep receipts and mileage
We have business cards that ship with every order.

So are we a business or a hobby?