My Name is Brandon Berner, and I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 12. I have self taught myself with the power of Google, and have multiple successful businesses under my belt.

What I Used To Do:
Age 12, I started my own lawn mowing company, went door to door collecting clients, and was working all day after school. I became so busy I had to hire a crew of 3 16 year old kids, and I paid them $10/hour (Minimum wadge was around $6). I charged $30/lawn (big houses), and my crew could complete 3 houses/hour. I ended up paying them $30, and profiting $60/hour
Age 16, I worked at McDonalds for the sole reason to expand my resume
Age 18, I worked at Costco. I worked here for multiple reasons. First I wanted to learn how a business like Costco run, and apply their success to my businesses. Second, I worked in the Majors Department (Electronics) where I collected a large database of customers in need of computer repair. Lastly another job to add to my resume.

What Do I Do?
I am a certified Computer Technician, and have 4 certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+. Security+, and Cisco CCMA. We have over 2,000 clients around the world
I was the first company established in Canada selling Electronic Cigarettes
I invented, and manufacture one of the worlds best vaporizers for marijuana concentrates called the Blazer PRO
I have a Social Media Advertising company which allows people to buy Followers, Likes, and Video Views on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. I am blown away by the success of this business, and the amount of famous people that I get to work with.

Some of my websites: (Computer Repair) (Electronic Cigarettes) (Herbal Vaporizers) (Buy Followers, Likes, and Video Views on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter)