I potentially want to start up a company with my partner for which I would need your help. But my situation is slightly complicated, so I would love to hear your opinion first:

My partner is a US citizen, but currently living in the UK. She is registered as a consultant here, while she works at the university (she holds a PhD in cognitive science). But we are planning to move to Singapore for a year and then come back to the US. We want to avoid setting up a company in each country that we live in, and would prefer to just set up a US company, would this be legal? The details:

- She is a US citizen
- She has family (so an address) in Washington State
- She will move to the US in a year or so (most likelly California) but will be employed in the UK and singapore over the coming year
- She would like to be able to bill her current client (UK company) from the new US business

Could she be paid with divident or so while living abroad temporarily? Is this legal? Would that be legal (I am assuming she can't be employed in both Singapore and the US at the same time). How would that work exactly. Would you suggest a limited company and would the payment/non-resident be an issue?

Thanks for any information and help!