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    Business ideas

    I have been interested in starting an online business, I currently work however I have a lot of spare time.

    The ideas I have come up with so far:

    1. Web design
    I am pretty good at setting up websites, buying domains etc. Would be good idea as I do sit on a computer all day long anyway. Only problem is that there is a lot of competition, how would I make myself stand out? how would I gain business?

    2. Service based website
    I have an idea for a service were people pay to advertise a specific product on my website, good idea as it requires minimal effort from myself however I have a direct competitor or two. Not sure how I would make myself stand out from the competitors and how I would gain customers.

    3. Homemade natural body products
    I would be interested in creating my own body scrubs, packaging and selling them. The only issue is this is a over saturated market. How would I make my products different. I like the idea of Frank body scrubs, simple product however the marketing Is what makes it stand out.

    These are the main ideas I can come up with, not sure how good they are, what does everyone think? Do you have any other ideas for me?

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    These are all ideas are good but I think you choose that in which you have skill and experience about it. In this world all businesses are good but you have must sense to run it.

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    ěf you are good at something you can stream or make videos about it, game, cooking, tutorial, musics

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    Maybe you can go with the 3rd one, if you do it good, you can earn a lot. For the first one, i think you can work as a freelancer.

    ceiling fan lights - bathroom fan with light

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    All of them are great ideas and I understand your frustrations, cause ideas are only "air" untill your take action on them.

    I think that you should start a "web-company" where to set-up websites for local business'. Create a website for your business and keep your price lower than your competition (you need customers in the beginning, so keep the price low.)
    Create a blog on your website and share your blog posts on all the social media sites so you will get some extra attention. & of course, make some flyers and share them around in your city.

    Go to "all" the local business' in your area and tell them what you can do for them. Most small local business' have shitty websites and if your'e services are "cheap" they are most likely going to try your service out.

    It's all about getting attention

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    There is no right or better business. Just do your research first so that you understand how you can compete and stand out in the niche you're going into. Just pick the business that you have more desire for or like better, but make sure you're able to tap into this market effectively.

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    You should also take time to figure out your market size. Unfortunately, there’s no formula for calculating an accurate market size for your business. The right process depends on your industry, your product and your market share goals.

    Used together, however, the following 3 steps will help you come up with a relatively accurate determination of your market size.

    Step 1: Top-Down Approach

    The top-down approach is where many businesses start in determining the size of the market. With this technique, you’ll begin by researching the addressable or total market for your product or service.

    Then you’ll need to form a reasonable estimate of your portion of that market, which becomes your available market. Thorough research of the market, your industry and competitors is the key to accurate estimation.

    Most industries have reports that talk about market size held by existing leaders in the space. For example, Ibisworld and Gartner are two great places to start. They publish regular reports on consumer and business markets and they’re extremely accurate.

    Here are the two other approaches and more info on what all it takes to determine your market size:

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