I am looking into starting an on the road IT services business. We are getting ready to move into an RV travel trailer full time and travel the country. My client will mostly be other Campers and full time families. I figure a lot of what I would do would be mobile repair and troubleshooting. Laptops, Phones, Tablets. also I plan on offering Website Design. I am having trouble with the most important part...the Name! So far i have come up with Roadside IT if someone else has an idea let me know. what would you call your business if you had one or currently do have one.
Thanks Everybody,
I look forward to hearing back!

Possible Names
The Wandering Nerd - Here to service your mobile computer needs
Wandering William - Computer Repair & Data Retrieval
Mobile Computer Repair & Data Retrieval
Wandering William - Where There's A WILL There's A Way
Interstate Geek
The Roving Geek
RVIT pronounced like "rivet". You combine RV & IT and a rivet is something that fixes things permanently.
Off-Site Tech Solutions
Unstuck IT.
Tech Trailer.
Tech Travelers
Happy Camper IT Services.
The Roving Geek
Tech Vagabond
Route 66 Technical Services
The Gypsy IT Guy
RV IT Gypsy
Campfire Computers and Networking?
Mobile concierges