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    Best Phone System to Use?
    Hello everyone,

    We are a small construction and repair company based in Ohio. I have been personally answering incoming calls but that is becoming not so smooth a process as we grow. We have on our team a very good virtual assistant based in the Phillippines with better English skills than most Americans lol. Currently my cell phone is on all our marketing (I would of course change this if it's the best way to go here) and my question is, what is a good phone system to try that would allow her to receive and make phone calls on behalf of the business? And also, what other features of the system would be beneficial to our company as we grow (conference calling, call routing, etc.)? She currently uses Magicjack and a good internet connection and we would need her calls to look like they are coming from a local phone number.

    Or, would it just be simpler and more effective to hire an additional person in the US to handle the phone traffic. Our VA in the Phllippines is a very valuable member of our team but if the logistics of her location are the big hurdle here we could consider that.

    Either way we really need an efficient net based system to handle the phone and route calls and would very much appreciate any guidance in this area.

    Thanks very much in advance for any help and I hope to be able to help others with questions in the future.

    Rick S.

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    Many websites offer virtual numbers, so be careful about choosing one.
    You should never do business with a provider that has a bad rating or donít have a contact phone number.
    I use SendMyCall they are not the cheapest but the price is reasonable considering they offer free VPBX phone system and you can actually talk to someone from customer service and the call quality is great

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    i have elastix installed in my office i don't have any SIP trunks configurations on it since it's connected to a Hybrid IP PBX i have.

    i'm just using it for handling my SIP Clients for their smartphones.

    it's great and has a familiar GUI

    Simply "Open Source"

    Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate

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    I would look at 8X8 - I use this for my business.

    It's great!

    8X8 is all IP based so you could ship a real phone to your VA and all she would have to do is plug it in her network, or she can interface your phone system on her computer.

    When a customer leaves you a message it is sent your email(s).

    You can direct calls to your cell if you wish, and track all the calls as well.

    It also has customizable on hold music that you can use for marketing messages.

    I love it because my customer doesn't get my cell #, and I can answer calls from the road on our "business number."

    Its also cost effective.

    Good luck,


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    Best Business Phone Service. RingCentral. Cloud System.
    Best for Small Businesses. 8x8. Cloud System.
    Best for Very Small Businesses. Ooma.
    Best Virtual Phone System. Grasshopper.
    Best for Call Centers. Mitel.

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    As for me, IOS is the is good for business and for personal using. But it is really important to have good operator, because all systems needs good Internet and good connection for high quality work

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    In my opinion all systems are good and everyone can choose those systems which he or she like the most. But it is important for convenient and full using opportunities your phones, you must to use a high quality mobile operators. I found recently, and I can say that it is the best mobile company I ever used. It was such firms as . You will be able to use all the features of your phone through the high speed of mobile Internet and communication when you get this virtual number.

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