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    Starting a SMALL SIDE business while in college

    Well I'm a second year college student and I want to start a small business on the side to receive secondary income while in school. I recently had an amazing product idea, and sadly, I found that the product has already been created. My question is, is there a way I can still invent an already patented product?

    For example: There are hundreds of different companies selling laptop cover designs, and yet, its not like they are the first company to invent a laptop cover. So how are these companies creating new laptop covers if laptop covers are already patented?

    Can someone please give me a step-by-step list of how to move forward with trying to get an already-patented product idea patented?


    Also, aside from this-- I'm a second year college student with about $5K saved up. I want to use this money to start a business/ invest. If anyone has good ideas on what/how to use this money for that would be great. Ultimately, I want a side business I can start that would only require about 10 hours a week on my part to keep afloat, so something relatively simple and self-sustainable.


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    Starting With A Good Idea
    All successful businesses start with a good idea. This idea encompasses everything your business can become, and centers around your product or service. The best ideas involve: being innovative, fixing a problem other people struggle with, make a cheaper version of an expensive product, and finding a new niche. Before you jump right into business with the first idea that comes to mind, you must do some research and critical thinking.

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