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    I am really intrigued by the "Science of Attracting Talent" as Indeed calls it and I've put together some tips on reaching out to people with job opportunities but there are a ton of other things you can do as well. Basically outline: why your company is a good one to work for, what the benefits are, and what the opportunities are in the position and then if it is an attractive enough proposition and you post it where these people are you should have know trouble lining up a few interviews.

    I wrote a blog post called:
    5 Ways to Attract IT Talent in Competitive Markets and the tips could be applied to most industries.

    Here is the TL;DR summary if you don't have time to read the whole post (they start from free to low-cost to higher-costs):

    1. Increase the Visibility of Your Job Post
    * post job to your website and promote on social media
    * post job opportunity to job boards
    * post job opportunities to relevant industry associations
    * post job opportunity to freelance communities

    2. Offer Staff Referral Bonuses
    * reward good staff refferals (this only works if you already have employees - not sure if you're looking for more or your first ones)
    * cheaper than a recruiter

    3. Start a Student Program
    * good long term strategy
    * build loyalty early on
    * partner with colleges/universities

    4. Outsource Your Needs or Look Into Staff Augmentation
    * find a trusted service provider with a good track record
    * let them fill the need so you can focus on your business
    * not great long term strategy if you want to build your own team

    5. Hiring a Recruiter
    * can be costly but can help you find good senior people
    * if you have the time, use LinkedIn Recruiter's tool

    Hope some of these tips help! Also couldn't figure out list formatting if that option exists.

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    Nearly 1 in 5 small businesses have been defrauded by an employee at some point during their trading history, causing signifincant loss and in some cases have destroyed a business. It is those on the inside of your business who can often do the most damage, due to their access to your key assets and familiarity with your processes (and how they might be bypassed).

    Your employees represent your company’s values and give it an identity. Their ethics and behaviours are a big part of your reputation, so you need them to be honest and professional to protect your name as well as your revenue. Unfortunately, some people are able to abuse trust and take advantage of their employers, seeing an exploitation opportunity as well as an employment opportunity.

    To stop your business being attacked from the inside, you need to make sure you really know your employees and the threats they can bring.

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