I am curious. I know a couple people who are looking for a job at the moment. How good, really, are sites like careerbuilder, monster, ect.? I personally don't know anyone who has ever found a job on any of these sites. I have a Linkedin account, but I'm not really sure how one could find a job on there either. I have gotten all of my jobs simply from 'knowing someone who knows someone'. To me, this is very important and it's good to make a lot of friends with a lot of different people so they can recommend you! Also, if people come into your company in person to apply, does that give them a chance better then applying to the internet does? When I start my internet business, I'm going to need a couple employees myself and I need to know the best place to find them. I have a couple people in mind, but what if my company grows in size? Tell me what you all think.