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    Bank Account Reconcilation
    Phil Ventresca Guest
    I use Quickbooks Pro 2004.

    I have an operating account and a payroll account, both with the same bank. I use a payroll service and only need to transfer funds between the operating and payroll accounts.

    I haven't reconciled either for several months. Quickbooks Pro 2003 had a reconciliation feature but that really only reconciled the check register, within Quickbooks. But, that's all I did for several months.

    So, my situation is that I used the Quickbooks Reconciliation feature for several months; then used nothing for several more months.

    I really need to reconcile my bank accounts. The right way --- using bank statements. My bank now offers a service that'll allow me to download information to Quickbooks. I haven't tried it yet.

    Can anyone give me suggestions for the best way to get my accounts reconciled. Am I looking at reconciling each statement? Or can I reconcile by going back to the last statement I think was right; use that as the opening; and use my last statement as the close?

    Or, what other suggestions do you guys have?

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    Hi, Phil ~

    Unfortunately, the best way to approach the reconciliation of your accounts is to go back to the month you first stopped reconciling and start again. It may seem overwhelming. Do one month at a time and only do one or two at a time. Taking it in pieces will make the project more manageable.

    If you need help or have questions, please feel free to email me off board.

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