My business 10 weeks ago filed to change both our registered agent as well as our principal business address using this form ( and sent it to the address at the bottom of it with $25 dollars enclosed. 5 weeks later, we received a receipt back from them im the mail for $25 dollars, and assumed that our business address and registered agent where changed, so we went onto the Maryland business search website.

We searched up our business and information and neither piece of information was changed. We then assumed that it takes a while for them to update their website so we waited a few more weeks, and there is still no progress.

Our business is not currently in good standing because our annual report and personal property return got lost in the mail, and it only came into our attention recently that we were not in good standing. In order to fix this we need to have our up to date business address and registered agent, but I do not know if both are changed to our new ones and the form worked, or if the form was not processed because we are not in good standing or made a mistake.

My question is how do I find out my exact up to date business address and registered agent, and can I change it if I am not in good standing. Thank you all very much!