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    USDA Business & Industry Loans

    Does anyone have experience originating USDA loans? I'm looking to purchase a strip mall in rural area and working with a lender who is quoting around a 6% on a 30 year loan for $2M at 80% LTV. I think this is quite high for a USDA guaranteed loan and have been searching online to find out more. Unfortunately its hard because not much info on rates is published online.

    So my question for this forum is, how can I research interest rates on USDA loan and ensure I'm getting a fair deal and not being over charged or being taken advantage of?


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    Dear Mr / Mrs
    As the opportunity presents itself, I allow myself to contact you for an investment proposal. I'm Gilles Bertin, I represent a Canadian oil company in Africa. I reveal to this effect unfortunately I have been implicated by the Gabonese justice in a case of complicity and treason, embezzlement, the company, and which risks ruining my professional career. With the agreement, of my lawyer we decided to launder a large amount of money to avoid a banking freeze by the justice.

    It is in this context that we are looking for a serious and reliable partner who can help us to launder the total sum around 3,000,000 €. This sum can be invested in agriculture, commerce, hotels and other sectors of activity such as tourism, the digital economy, etc. In my capacity as a business negotiator I hope That you understand the confidentiality of this proposal.
    I remain at your disposal to discuss more in depth our, if you you have an ongoing project you will be looking for an investor, please reply to this post, or write me my email address: ggbertin @ hotmail .com
    For better contact with confidence.

    Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely,

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