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    Thanks for sharing great information. The themes and plugins will assuredly useful

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    hi , Aishar you can follow this step. Hope its will work

    1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard.

    2. Hover the mouse pointer over "Tools" and select "Export" to access the "Export" page.

    3. Click the radio button next to "All Content," which creates a WXR file of your entire site; "Posts," which creates a file of your posts; or "Pages," which creates a file of your WordPress pages. If you select "Posts" or "Pages," additional filtering options appear.

    4. Select any necessary filtering options from the drop-down menus that appear when you select "Posts" or "Pages." If you don't make any changes to the filters, you'll download all of the posts or pages.

    5. Click "Download Export File." Select the location where you want to save the WXR file and click "Save."

    The XML file uses the WordPress Extended RSS format, also known as WXR. Your business can use a WXR file to transfer your current WordPress blog to another website. You can create a WXR file that contains all of the information on your site or download portions of the site, such as posts or pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie Silvers View Post
    Hello Guys,

    Get thousands of Wordpress themes and plugins for your site and that too without paying anything. Yes, you heard it right; you can get them for free. Check out and you will find numbers of latest WP stuff including premium ones.
    Give it a shot, it might be of help.
    Useful information.Thanks for sharing such a kind of information. I got many skill and knowledge from your little description..

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