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    Outsourcing Work

    I will start off by apologizing if this isn't the right location for this post. I tried to search for similar topics, but couldn't find anything for my specific questions. I am in the process of starting an embroidery company. The plan is to embroider hats, shirts, patches, etc. Currently, I solely have done design work for a lot of clients who have gotten my designs embroidered. I would like to start doing my own embroidering, but would like to build a clientele base prior to spending the money on the necessary equipment. For now I would like to outsource all my embroidering needs to another company, but do no know the legalities behind it. If a client sends me a design and I just send it to the embroidery company, I wouldn't really play a role other than essentially being a middleman.

    My main questions are, how do I do this legally? Do I need to let a client know that the embroidery work isn't mine, but another company? Do I need to let the embroidery company know that I am selling their product to someone else, but under my name?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


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    You should go through some legal procedures before you go ahead with it.

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    It depends on how you build it. If you have a contract with the company to which you outsource your work you will lay down all conditions there - whether your function is just representation and you only receive a percentage of the paid amount or it may be formulated in a way that points you as the "Customer". In the latter option you will have to provide if the end product can be re-sold without paying royalties for the design. You will truly need a lawyer who can make this case specific. Hope this gave you a taste of what you should expect

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    There is much to be done.
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    You should try the outsource company!

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