Falling into a chicken & egg scenario?
What came first, the business or the product?

I have a registered limited company with an idea for a business.
I needed to create the Ltd Co to allow me to open a business account, register and pay for a domain name and make various other business purchases.

Then as I worked on my idea, it evolved.

I've now created a product that I'm really happy with and a logo. The domain and product name was available and I've purchased items under my Ltd Co.

So the big question. How do I ensure the product is mine and owned by by Ltd Co. Or how do I go about selling my product under the umbrella of my company name?

Furthermore, I have created a facebook page for the product, but now facebook won't accept my validation as the owner because the my letter of incorporation is for my limited company.

It's all getting very difficult for the small business startup to navigate