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    I would say, yes - sometimes it can even serve as a positive thing e.g. how to make the person feel comfortable, getting a general idea of their interests etc.

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    Yes, you should definitely google the person and check their social media. But this for me is just the first step to filter the candidates per say. And then when I like someone and consider hiring, I will run background check on them. I don’t believe only one of them is enough especially if it is for responsible job.
    Few months ago I learned my lesson when I was looking to hire someone to help me with my travel agency - my first employee (it was a big deal for me). I really liked one guy, two interviews - he was perfect. No red flag, no nothing but friends of mine who work in the security field suggested I should still check him before I hire him and so I did. I went on his FB page, at first it looked all good until I saw some old posts and troubling comments. Then I went one step further and I did background check at and I found out he had multiple offenses. No need to say I ended up hiring someone else.

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