Hi All, my name is Moreno Jackson (26) from South America, Suriname, and I am currently working on a startup which focuses on reducing the language barrier most people deal with. It can be during traveling, visiting new places, overseas businesses etc. And we all know that we don't always have someone around to translate so that can cause a lot of stress and inefficiency during meetings or work. Furthermore there are a lot of free applications where someone can type in a sentence or paragraph of text, and this will translate it to a specific selected language. But come on, how much time do we have in a day? 24 hours right! So while this is a possible solution to start a conversation with someone, it is most likely not used as much because of the time and also the way some of the applications translate the sentences.

My startup is actually working on a modernized business model for overcoming all these difficulties. If someone has the skills to develop a application with my company, let me know and we could discuss this model more in detail. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. After all, Knowledge is the only capital that doesn't get smaller when you share it!

Enjoy your weekend all, be inspired!