One of the most historically successful and proven methods for growing small businesses has been email list building. Thatís because having a quality email list offers lots of advantages. An email list gives you direct access to the people who want to hear from your business,

So you see, email list building is an inexpensive but effective strategy to grow your small business. Here's a quick preview of the eight email list building tactics you can use to succeed this year:

1. Create super-compelling, subscribe-worthy content
2. Run a promotion or contest
3. Provide lead magnets (checklists, ebooks, etc.)
4. Use pop-ups to drive email signups
5. Try Facebook leads ads for email list building
6. Optimize your email list building landing pages
7. Promote your email list through social media
8. Add social buttons to your emails

Email list building doesnít have to be a daunting task. If you learn the fundamentals of attracting people through great content, valuable lead magnets, and using the right platforms, youíll be well on your way to grow your email listóand your business.