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    Project Management software

    So the business I work for is a small family owned welding company that's gotten pretty big pretty fast. One of the obstacles we're trying to overcome is tracking how much a job actually costs us. EDIT: It's been a couple days with no response and I realized I didn't actually ask a question. Does any one have any recommendations on software that can help me with these obstacles?

    Most of our numbers are reviewed through quickbooks, but there are limitations there.

    So for example, let's say there's a job we invoice for $500. It had 2 workers on it, making $5 and $7 an hour respectively, though our labor rate is $10/hr. Additionally, there's someone like me doing office work, which is an overhead expense, but probably ill-suited for analysis on this kind of report. There are also several consumable materials that last several jobs long.

    Presently I've drafted something in excel that shows the job, billable parts, labor, physical overhead, operations overhead, and income. Then gets the difference of the expenses and the income. Problem is it's extremely time consuming, going back through the time sheets to see how much time was actually committed to a job, totaling up the appropriate employees cost to the job, and ensuring I have all the receipts/invoices for parts and materials.

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    Good work keep it up

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    I've used Microsoft Project in the past pretty successfully. In addition to tracking time, resources, and work effort you can add cost elements that will roll-up and total for activities and sub activities.

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