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    Question about US sales tax (in Ohio)
    Hey guys, I just started up a business in Ohio. I repair peoples phones, fix computers, build custom computers, basically anything to do with technology.

    My question has to do with Sales & Use Tax in Ohio. My business is a sole member LLC, and when I do phone repairs and whatnot I order the parts from places like Amazon or a company called FixEZ. My question is, do I then need to charge sales tax on the parts I ordered, or not? For example, if I am doing a phone repair I will order the specific screen they need from FixEZ, repair the phone, and charge labor. I am not raising the price on the parts and upselling them, and FixEZ is based out of Nevada, and Amazon from Washington. So do I still need to charge sales tax on parts to my customers?

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    Ya sir, in this modern world where charging a tax on many things have availed, it's essential for every businessman to raise their price by adding taxes to it because if you don't in a fear that your sales might take a gap or go on downfall. Its important to add it either by losing some customers but according to me that might get return back soon as it would be a great job.

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