Hi my name is Urban Olsson.
I live in Sweden.
I have design a new and different computer-programs
for the gambling on the internet.
Its a new unique type of gambling.
For example the customer can act like a bookmaker
or as a ordinary player.As a bookmaker you can
set up own odds with optional amounts fore other
players to play on.
The owner of the site take no risk of capital.
He gets for example 2% of all winners capital.
(10`s of thousands bet every month)
All my betting object have that same system
so it will be no loose of own capital.
I have been looking for the same kind of
system for table-games type "Black Jack".

A complete "Casino" with license is also
available on the gambling-site.
Also a "Online Poker Program" with license ,and connected
to a network with other player all over the world.
Big possibility to expand.
Small competitions.
Good promotions.

To complete it I need a investor/partner,
to construct the server with all the security components etc.
Invest capital US:$240000-270000. It is a big investment but
I can guaranty a very good profit (several hundred)
in 3-4 years period ,
and it will grow rapidly for a long time.
Are you willing to invest the money without hurry(in the first year)
it will benefit both of us and will be a big million-dollar-business.
As a big bonus....
The company posses a lot of capital by the costomer acounts ,
and that will bring a good interest.
The new company will be registrate in England (No license in Sweden)
You can be my Partner/Investors/Owner or all three.

Good Fact!
All investigation about the "gambling on Internet"
shows that it is one of the most growing category
today ,and it will continue in the future.
For ex.online poker on internet increased with 900% (2003.)
And with a new unique type of "betting-site",
can we reach a new big target of players to the site
The market is unlimited.....

How can I guaranty you so good profit (several hundred)
in a period of 3-4 years...........Mail me:

For more details: partner.hem@wasadata.net

/Urban Olsson SWEDEN